To My Hubby/Psychologist/Punching Bag/Baby Daddy


Lauren Eccleston

It can be said that as Mums we have many identities – cleaner, first aid officer, professional book reader, chef, the taxi driver.  The list could go on forever, but, what about the Dads?  Our Husbands, partners or baby daddies.  I think that as a society we seem to overlook the many identities that these awesome men have too.  Not only as fathers but as partners.

I don’t tell Brett enough how thankful I am for everything that he does for me, for us as a family.   He turns the wheels in the background to make our family what it is, whilst receiving nowhere near the amount of support that we Mums usually receive.

The title of this post is totally true.  He is all of these things and more.  When I’m not myself he brings out my feelings, then lets me use him as a punching bag (not physically of course, haha).  He helps me to set goals, to feel good about myself, he’s been a huge contributor in my journey of finding myself again.  All whilst also adjusting to parenthood.


So here’s to all the baby daddies who are absolute heroes, for us and for our babes. 


Thank you for catching the baby flying through the air as you walk in the door from work even though you’d be just as exhausted as I am.


Thank you for ignoring the way I snap at you over the most stupid things imaginable, you’ve got way more patience than I ever will.


Thank you for knowing when I’m too tired to function.  Letting me sleep in whilst you tackle the morning bottle, breakfast and baby poo routine.  How you manage to do all of this, get ready for work and still walk out the door by 7am amazes me.  I’d have to get up earlier than the baby or I’d be late every day.


Thank you for listening to my 100 requests every day for you to parent the way that I do.  Along with the reasons why I think you should.  Your way works just as well.  Even if you do take the baby out in public wearing yesterday’s dirty socks or her pyjamas.


Thank you for teaching our baby the silly things.  The facial expressions and the odd noises that she comes out with, remind me totally of you.


Thank you for making us laugh.  Both of us.  Hysterically.  No matter what kind of day you’ve had at work, you always manage to come home and crack us up.


Thank you for putting us first.  Always.


Thank you for doing all of the above, without even asking and without being thanked enough.

We appreciate you.  I appreciate you.



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