5 Reasons to Have a Small Wedding


Lauren Eccleston

I know what you’re thinking.  Every girl dreams of a big white wedding and not so much an intimate small wedding.  You are correct and I was one of those girls.  That is until we sat down to start budgeting, adding thousands of decorating ideas to Pinterest boards and writing the dreaded invite list.

My mind was telling me that I was going overboard and I was stopped in my tracks.

I wanted the day to be about Brett and myself, not about everyone else.  Definitely not a day for everyone to get absolutely hammered and completely forget about what the day is actually for.  So we invited only our immediate families and some extremely close friends.  There were 20 people in total and it was GREAT!

If you’re still not convinced that a small wedding is for you.  I may just change your mind.


You’ll Save Money Without Compromising on Quality

You can have your 5-course fine dining reception with unlimited drinks because you aren’t paying the $150+ per head for 80+ people.  We had a beautiful 5-course lunch with all alcohol included and our reception costs came in at $3k for 20 people.  The food was one thing I didn’t want to compromise on, so I didn’t have to.  If I had this same type of reception for our 100+ guest list, I would have been spending up around the $15k mark.  It’s completely true what people say, the day really does go so very quickly.  If I spent was I was originally planning to spend on a big wedding, I would have woken up with a huge spending hangover!


It’s Much Less Stressful

I will admit.  I did have some stress the day before, but I didn’t have to worry about 100 people all ending up in the wrong spot or having to entertain them in between the ceremony and reception.  So it faded quite quickly.  To be honest, I think it was just nerves.  I kept having dreams I would fall over walking down the aisle.


You Get to Spend Quality Time with Your Guests

We all sat at one big rectangular table and could actually talk to each other!  This was the best feeling.  I didn’t have the dreaded guilt the day after that I hadn’t spent enough time with certain people.  Not to mention, you also get to spend time with your new husband/wife because you aren’t too busy chasing around your long lost cousins to say the obligatory hellos.


There is No Need for a Bridal Party

This was one of my favourite things about having a small wedding.  We didn’t worry about having groomsmen or bridesmaids.  It made getting ready for the big day so much easier and there were none of the extra expenses associated with having a bridal party.  There were no extra bouquets, no extra hair & makeup.  We had all of the closest people in our lives there beside us anyway, why would we need a bridal party?


You Forget About Pleasing Everyone Else

All of your focus is on you, marrying the love of your life.  Isn’t that what weddings are supposed to be about?  The bringing together of two people to vow their love for one another, not a huge party for all of your distant friends and relatives.  I know it sounds corny, but we really did get to focus solely on each other. We wrote our own vows, had an intimate ceremony with lots of laughs and during that ceremony, it honestly felt like we were the only people in the room.  I will remember that moment forever.


About our suppliers:

Ceremony – The Elopement Collective
Reception – The Boat House, Canberra
Florals – Laurel and Lace, Canberra
Photography – Lauren Campbell
Videography – Heart and Colour



  1. Abi on May 30, 2017 at 11:33 pm

    A wonderfully written article Lauren (from a girl born in the country and busted out in search of the city lights) I’m a celebrant who is concurrently planning my own wedding and I/we feel the exact same way. We don’t want to put on a huge production for others with a dinner and a show, paying for my mums BFF from highschool to get smashed on our dime or dads sister who would criticise every element and hasn’t seen us in 10 years. We’re bringing it back to an acoustic version-Bespoke meaningful simplicity. We even qualified our guest list by two criteria: guests must be active in our lives now and we are certain they will bring only joy and love to our day. No “Obligation Invitations”. The industry is a well oiled machine adept in convincing our marketable, malleable minds that a wedding SHOULD be this and SHOULD include that, but really, a wedding is about the commitment made and a marriage embarked upon.

    • Lauren Smith on May 31, 2017 at 2:43 am

      Hi Abi,
      Thank you so much for your lovely compliments!
      It’s true isn’t it, we place so much thought and care into what others will think of our special day but it really shouldn’t be about that. It should be about LOVE.
      I hope you have an absolutely wonderful wedding day.
      xx Lauren

  2. Melbourne Celebrant on July 2, 2017 at 6:56 am

    The small wedding ideas are getting more popular these days because of its simple and stress-free ceremony. Most of the couples are gathering at our office and say that they want their wedding as simple as possible. A couple can also make an intimate wedding with this process and they also spend more time with their family members and closest friends. Thanks, @Lauren for writing this amazing article.

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